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A place where projects I've worked on but declined to finish are preserved, for examination and autopsying. These files are provided with intent to be studied and to prove I'm not just wasting time, y'know.

If a project doesn't have sources/builds, check!

Check out the projects page, too - it's not so cold in there.


mushroom zombies game.
[last build][source]
roguelike - march 2019
an entry for 7drl that didn't quite get finished. nothing much to say about this one, it's just an unfinished jam game.

tennis ball

dead rubber.
[last build][source]
platformer - december 2018 - march 2019
an experiment in pun-driven design.

adventure lass, pixel art

time chunch (take two)
[last build] [source]
roguelike - january 2018 - april 2018
second attempt at "time chunch".

adventure lass, sketchy

time chunch (take one)
roguelike - january 2017 - november 2017
attempt at a story-driven roguelike. still technically on the slate to be made.

a chump

oh! my boy
[last build] [source]
clicker / pet game - april 2017
made for 1-bit clicker jam in 2017.

pidge gunderson shooting a gun

unnamed shooter game, "(game)"
[play in browser]
tboi-like - november 2016 - january 2017
the first serious attempt at gamedev i ever made. this bad boy was doomed from the START.