PESTERLOGGER by victoria

RAW TEXT > View saved logs. DISPLAYED Epilogues Mode | Narrator CODE ( bdth mspfa ao3 raw HTML)

MORE COLORS (CHARACTER: blood color / #hex)


5/20/2020: added log scrolling, for those of you like me, who have lots of saved logs.

5/3/2020: added an epilogues mode, also finally added june's name.

12/6/2019: added a spoiler tag button for the mspfa mode

11/26/2019: added local storage for pesterlogs. it's a little clunky but hey. it works.

9/27/2019 act 2: added calliope and caliborn's chumhandles, fixed dave's text color, added classes "candy-red", "candy-green", "felt", "scratch", and "lime"

9/27/2019 act 1: added ao3 and raw html formatting

9/26/2019: launched the damn thing