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undertale screenshots

A lot of people liked these so I'm doing them as their own thing. These start at $20 and if you want your character to have some animations, they're $40. Pretty simple stuff, I think.

character work

Character work starts at $30, and may increase based on complexity? I will absolutely draw your fursona. I will draw your fursona and your friend's fursona. I will color and shade your fursona. I will give you that sona drawing you've either always wanted, or you've wanted since you saw this commission post and were like. "Sure, why not.". Either way! I draw your character.

reference sheets

And if you don't have a fursona reference, but have a vague idea, I'm here for that too! I love doing character design and will help you find that character. I will pull them from the psychic swamp of the subconscious and present them to you, over a few hours of iteration and discussion.

These start at $80

game art

This is kind of a weird thing to do commissions for, but if you want 2D pixel art for your project, such as an RPG Maker game or game jam game, I'll absolutely do it for you. I love making tilesets, maybe more than I love life itself?

Prices are a bit tough to codify, since tilesets are a bit more complex than illustration work, but the baseline price is I will make a set of 256 8x8 tiles for $30, and we can talk it out from there if you need more complex work.

terms and conditions

The information provided on this page is for private commissions.

Commercial, and public-facing work should be discussed privately, ideally over e-mail. All prices are in USD, if that matters, and all the examples are from the last year.

These prices are also more of a guideline than a law, and if something is more complex, higher scope, or the specific thing you want me to do doesn't have a price listed on this page, I'm open to discussing hourly and weekly prices.

The gist is, if you're hiring me for a private commission, you can't earn money from its use.

If you want a commercial commission but aren't sure about what it entails, mostly it just consists of you saying "Hey I would like to use this commercially." and then I will say "Okay, this is how I would like to be credited." and I will tell you how I'd like to be credited.

If you're using my art as a prominent aspect of whatever you're doing, such as using it in a video game for sale, revenue sharing may be on the table but like. Probably not.

Don't worry too much about it.


tell me about yourself

name + pronouns


part of the process is emailing sketches to make sure i'm working in the right direction. i can't do that without an email. if the form processor service i use spams, sorry.

paypal email (or mark here if it's the same as above: )

once i accept your commission, you'll get an invoice from me at this email. you won't have to pay until it's done but it's good for keeping things on the record.

commission type

message (include reference materials if applicable)

all messages are handled through formspree - redirecting to that site is intentional behavior. if all else fails, or you'd rather contact me directly, my email is spiderslacroix[at]