-- CURRENT gallowsCalibrator [GC] made a new channel: #1NV1S1BL3 --
-- ??? apocalypseArisen [AA] joined the server. --
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?AA: hello!
GC: H3Y!!!! >:D
?TA: y0.
TT: Sorry you two have to be scuttled away into this hidden channel.
TT: Karkat most certainly would make a fucking mess of any channel he could see that had time travel enabled.
TT: So we have to keep this channel on the downlow.
TT: Only people who are capable of keeping it a secret are allowed in.
?TA: i really wanted t0 see 0ne 0f karkats shit fits
?TA: it has been FAR t00 l0ng since i g0t a fr0ntr0w seat t0 jackass city
?AA: well have plenty of time to talk to him in a bit
?AA: oh! no no i understand
?AA: i would never
?AA: were on our way home soon
?TA: the m0ment i get in im g0nna sc0pe 0ut a shitfit f0r real.
?AA: yeah its kind of a shame really
?AA: i was so psyched to see the black hole form but
?AA: as it turns out its making my job way harder
GC: >:?
?AA: all the dreambubbles are being sucked into the black hole
?AA: and coagulating into a supermassive dream bubble
?AA: that is WAY more strange and offputting than a regular dreambubble
?AA: even by my standards
?AA: and i certainly dont want to find out what happens when i get stuck in there! 0_0
?AA: i doubt even a god tier like me could survive being pulled in
?AA: so were coming to the new earth soon
GC: 1T S33M3D TO M4K3 YOU SO H4PPY >:[
?AA: i can still gladly do that! 0u0
?AA: i will just have to greet new souls in the dreambubbles while dreaming myself
?AA: as fragile as that state can be in bubbles
?AA: and theres no safer place to nap than earth right now! 0u0
?AA: and id love to see what youre all getting up to
TT: I see.
TT: I am curious though, what this means for us.
TT: The black hole is our means of egress from fatalism, no?
TT: Its intent seems to be its consumption of the green sun, what is it doing consuming dreambubbles?
?AA: the way i understand it is that the god tier calliope made the black hole to contain her brother
?AA: lord english
?AA: as part of an extended game between the two of them
?AA: the black hole acts as a pocket of sorts
?AA: not unlike that of table stickball
GC: (th4ts pool)
GC: (hum4n b1ll14rds)
TT: (i see.)
?AA: and using a trick that he once set up against her
?AA: she had him live his life believing that in this complex game of table stickball
?AA: he was the cue ball
?AA: when in actuality
?AA: he was the one emblazoned with the 8!
?AA: and the cue ball pushed the 8 ball into its pocket
?AA: and god tier calliope claimed victory of the game
?AA: through us no less!
?AA: and now that he is within the black hole he is trapped
TT: I have so many questions.
?AA: oh i would love to exposition dump
TT: Excellent, excellent.
TT: How exactly did we win?
?AA: i spent a decent amount of time in the horde of ghosts and we all fought english together
?AA: just gave him a real hard time!
?AA: hogtying him and poking his nipples and shenanigans like that
?AA: but we were mostly just goofing around
?AA: distracting him for what was to come
?AA: and when i saw vriska line up her shot with the ultimate weapon i knew it was time to go
?AA: i had to be a very specific place to, as i once said
?AA: watch it all break apart
?AA: so i cant tell you how you won against english
?AA: but knowing that youre here now so you must have won!
TT: You're not nearly as protective of
TT: Why is the black hole consuming dreambubbles now?
?AA: its just what black holes do
?AA: gravity itself pulls things towards it
?AA: and a black hole with the contents of the green sun as well as dreambubbles will only consume more and more
?AA: it is consuming reality within itself
?AA: but the important part of it is that it has been "overtaken" by space, so to speak
?AA: and time, and the suite of powers built around time, do not function within it
TT: How unduly shocking, we've almost certainly never dealt with temporal shenanigans before.
?AA: haha yes, its true this has only amplified existing matters
?AA: dream bubbles have already always had unwieldly applications of time
?AA: time in dreambubbles exists in snapshots
?AA: once you stop being in one snapshot
?AA: you find yourself in another
?AA: with no time inbetween seeming to pass
?AA: after all our teen ancestors are still 19 despite being dead for 3000 sweeps!
?AA: while there are undoubtedly versions of them that have grown
?AA: we only see the snapshots
?AA: but within the black hole snapshots are harder to form
?AA: time itself will not automatically create new snapshots
?AA: leaving these iterations of people as they were
?AA: trapped in their own existence
?TA: thats really fucking bleak aa
?AA: thats how it is! i swear
?TA: "trapped in their 0wn existence"
?TA: d0 y0u hear y0urself talk
?AA: maybe i did dramatize it
?AA: but i think im allowed a little bit of drama!
?AA: i just got metaphysically fired from the afterlife
TT: Hm... I see.
TT: This doesn't really clear up matters, should we avoid going to sleep for the time being?
?AA: no you should be fine
?AA: its being within the dreambubbles on a physical level that would be an issue
TT: Duly noted.
TT: Thank you, Aradia, for knowing what the fuck is going on.
?AA: haha its generous of you to think i do but i appreciate it
?TA: r0se havent y0u learned fucking anything.
?TA: n0b0dy ever kn0ws what the fuck is g0ing 0n.
TT: It's still a worthwhile endeavor to keep up on the workings of things, in my opinion.
?TA: huge mistake.