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BOX GAME is a currently untitled RPG that i might just call box game? it is about a box. some people move that box. it's not that important.

i'm sort of going for a metroidvania-type thing, using exploring the world as a form of character progression, in place of traditional RPG levelling.

but more than that, it is a space to do fun things. it is not world changing but it is hopefully fun! a nice space to play in, and make friends and to think about and think "hm it's good." with a placid smile on your face as you think about the things i have decided belong in this game.

there will be gameplay, pixel art, maps, locations to go, places to see, people to meet, and when it is complete, you will not be able to say "this is not a video game.", because it will be.

it will definitely, for sure, be a video game.

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Some of the cast. Sorry this alt-text isn't very helpful.
A map of the bug vullage, a small campsite with terrarium houses. In the top of the map is a wizard's hut. A map of a coastline, with a terrarium house and a dock. An unwatched fishing line hangs from the dock. A map of a treehouse. There's a bed with a torn mattress, a blanket on the floor, and a potted cactus in the corner.
A chandelier drop.
Fishing minigame.
                  cat eating a key.

boxgame is approximately 8% FINISHED.
this counter was last updated on december 11th, 2018.